cropped-20130611-185637.jpgThe proudly mexican brand JULIO, for which I worked almost three years when I got back from Argentina after two years of university, just asked me a few days ago to be part of their campaign proyects as a blogger. I had a blast! So here is the first shot for the brand! Hope you like it.
So my well kept secret is being revealed: I own many pieces from JULIO. From sweaters, skirts, trousers, blouses and my favourite trench coat. It just has great fabrics that last forever! And even when at the store many pieces can seem very basic… Magic appears when I mix and match them. Besides, it’s not the typical brand that every girl in the world has. The clothes seem to adapt perfectly to any crazy idea in my mind. You should totally go there and get some of this season’s beauties. Two things will be warrantied: you won’t find many girls wearing the same in every party you go and, quality! Yes, quality that lasts! So go check what’s new in store and discover the colorful world of Julio collections.20130611-185558.jpg





Shot by Mariana Veytia

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