Animal print, specially leopard, has left to be representative of the ¨femme fatal¨ and the extremely glamorous older women to become a symbol of daring but not vulgar, extroversion and glamour in perspective. Of course you need to know how to use it, because the abuse of it immediately returns it to its former status and becomes a sign of bad taste. But how to get it right? The rule is to not use more than one or two elements of the print in a single outfit. It is only about adding a touch. Of course however, there are many great looking trends that break this rule… you just have to feel like yourself when you were it. Have fun, mix and match and make a statement!383845_10150436581630149_1464894612_n


SKIRT: Vintage


Shot by Carolina Serros


I´m starting this blog with excitement! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. For many months I have been thinking of this project, doing some research and finding some ways. I’ve always been into fashion and styling. I am currently finishing my Fashion Design studies and focusing a lot on styling, so to me, this blog is all about letting my creativity flow while I do what I enjoy the most. I hope you like it and I get to share with you some good ideas, inspiration and fun.
So, for this first shooting I chose one of my ever favourite pieces: my vintage green parrot embroidered jacket. I got it at aVintage shop here in México and this is the third time I wear it. It goes perfectly with black ad some colored accents, ideal for a day at work or dinning with friends. I paired it with this Neiman Marcus Vintage red bag to keep the vintage spirit in the whole look.
I have always lived in Mexico City, it is my birth place and my home. So far I love it and enjoy every single thing of it, but some of the things I like the most, is walking downtown. Whenever I can, I get to La Roma neighborhood and start riding my bike all the way up to Reforma (let’s call it the mexican  Champs Elises), and ride as far as I can. I chose this spots at Reforma for this first shooting. I just wanted it to feel very local and show you some of my roots.
And since I made this very personal, I got my best friend Carolina and my boyfriend Alan to take these photos for me. For my great luck, they are both photographers!
So I guess it is a good beginning! See you around!


529953_10150824544260149_1678357213_nTOP: Mango


HANDBAG: Neiman Marcus Vintage

Shot by Carolina Serros & Alan Grabinsky